training materials

Helping train RDM service providers through our upcoming MOOC

Since most training in RDM is focussed on the researcher rather than the research support staff, we, together with RDNL, decided to put together a MOOC to train research support staff. Here's how we're getting on and what we're planning.

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The value of video in getting the RDM message across

The increasing number of video resources being made available relating to Research Data Management (RDM) can be helpful in building capability in institutions. This blog post looks at what is available, from recordings of workshops and events, to webinars and training videos.

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DC 101 materials

Digital Curation 101 employs the curation lifecycle model sections as a means of presenting content to students.

The DCC is keen to support the reuse of our generic training materials as the basis of more specific training aimed at different disciplines and/or institutions. Our generic materials are accessible below for review and tailoring.