Capturing and preserving the creative and performing arts

Read about the CAiRO summer school, which trained PhD students from the creative and performing arts in how to document their work and manage those outputs. 

Image from Adolphe Appia collection, AHDS Perfoming Arts

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Register for the DCC roadshow in Glasgow!

Registration for the DCC roadshow in Glasgow on 22nd-24th June is now open!

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Screencasting - what do you think?

We're trying out new ways to communicate our resources better at the DCC and are keen to know what you think.

Image from lfs.learningcentre CC-BY-SA

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How to run a data service

Members of the UK Data Archive team ran an very useful event over two days earlier this month to share their experiences of how to run a data service. They explained the processes they've developed and shared practical tips based on lessons learned.  My event fee was generously funded through the DPC leadership programme - thanks!

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Training and reference materials

In an effort to build capacity and to improve the sustainability of current and emerging curation training materials, the DCC seeks to identify and promote training materials available to those charged with developing and/or delivering RDM training within their institutions. The DCC is keen to cooperate with other training providers to share knowledge and resources and to reduce duplication of effort across the sector.

Tools of the Trade training

Request a DCC Tools of the Trade training session at your institution!

The DCC can provide half-day and full-day training sessions on how to use our suite of research data management and curation tools. You provide the venue and the participants, we provide the trainers and the materials. To enquire about what we can offer and costs, please fill in our enquiry form.

Digital Curation 101: How to Manage Research Data

Research Councils and funding bodies are increasingly requiring evidence of adequate and appropriate provisions for data management and curation in new grant funding applications.

Tools of the Trade Workshop: Save the Date

The DCC is delighted to announce that we will be holding two of our Tools of the Trade workshops to introduce users to the newly refined Data Asset Framework (DAF) and Assessing Institutional Digital Assets (AIDA) toolkits. The events will take place May 19 2010 at the Manchester Conference Centre directly following the JISC RDMI Progress workshop. Further details will be released shortly.

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By far one of the largest repositories of information on Digital Preservation. The various erpaProducts range from Guidance documents on the costing of digital preservation and implementing policies (among others), to critiques and contextualisation of all the important papers and materials so far produced. Case studies explore various companies' and Institutions' experiences of digital preservation and a large number of reports and papers offer access to the latest research in the field.