International Journal of Digital Curation, Volume 9, Issue 2

19 December, 2014 | in DCC News
By: Alex Ball

The final papers from the International Journal of Digital Curation, Volume 9, Issue 2 are now available.

Back in October 2014, we announced the opening of the IJDC's first rolling issue, with three original peer-reviewed submissions, eight general articles based on papers from IDCC 2014, and a book review. Since then a further general article has been added: a set of case studies by Akers et al. of research data management support at eight US universities, based on a paper presented at IASSIST 2014. An editorial has also been added, providing an introduction to the issue. The full table of contents may be viewed on the IJDC website.

The issue contains a variety of content, dealing both with specific curatorial challenges and with data management infrastructures as a whole. For example, Niu provides an appraisal and selection framework to assist those writing and implementing such policies. Meanwhile, Evans and Moore discuss the merits and drawbacks of using PDF/A as an archival format. Looking beyond the bounds of academic research, Bachell and Barr provide an insight into the attitudes of independent game developers towards the preservation of their products.

This marks the closing of volume 9. The first issue of Volume 10 will be opened early in the new year, with content added to it throughout the first half of 2015.

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