The DCC is on the move

4 June, 2015 | in DCC News
By: Kevin Ashley

The DCC has had its headquarters in the University of Edinburgh's Appleton Tower since its establishment 11 years ago. Unfortunately that building is now being closed for over a year whilst significant issues with the building fabric are dealt with. The DCC office was moved on Wednesday 3rd June, and we're spending much of today (Thursday 4th June) unpacking, reconnecting our equipment and trying to get our bearings. In general this should have little impact for the outside world. Our services continue to run uninterrupted. Our phone numbers will be moving with us, but it will take until later today for that transfer to take effect - we've not been able to answer landline calls since the afternoon of Tuesday 2nd. Until everyone has got unpacked and reconnected, we may take a little longer to respond to emails and online queries. Please bear with us during that time.

Our postal address is changing, for those of you that need it. It's now:

Digital Curation Centre 2.309 Old College South Bridge University of Edinburgh Edinburgh EH8 9YL


It's now a little harder to find us, and increased security in this part of the university means that you definitely need to let us know in advance if you intend to drop in.

Normal service should be resumed in a day or so. In the meantime, I'm going in search of a kitchen to make that all-important mid-morning coffee.