An introduction to Research Data Management for researchers

14 April 2016
Riga Technical University, Riga


While Open Access publishing is quite well established in most Universities, managing data to facilitate sharing is less well understood. This event will provide an introduction to research data management (RDM) and sharing, including its drivers and benefits, and introduces a number of tools and resources that can be freely accessed in order to support these changes in practice.The session will also include an introduction to the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Open Data pilot. 

09:00 Welcome and introductions Daina Ostovaska, RTU
09:30 Open Access, Open Data, Open Research: definitions, drivers and benefits  Joy Davidson, DCC 
10:00 Introduction to data management planning and DMPonline demonstration (see screencast on homepage) Joy Davidson, DCC
10:30 Coffee break  
11:00 Practical exercise – registering a DMPonline account and creating a data management plan Joy Davidson, DCC 
11:30 Introduction to data description and data licensing  Joy Davidson, DCC
12:00 Practical exercise – registering a Figshare account, uploading and describing a dataset All
12:30 QA, wrap up and close  Joy Davidson, DCC 


Useful tools: 

  • DMPonline- develop and maintain data management plans for your research activity 
  • Figshare - store and share your own research outputs and discover those of others.   

Additional guidance and learning resources:

Online training:

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Costs and Registration

Participation is open to researchers at Riga Technical Unviersity. For further information, please contact Daina Ostrovaska.