Research data policy briefing welcomes UK Concordat

5 August, 2016 | in DCC News
By: Angus Whyte

Our new policy briefing 'Common Directions in Research Data Policy' takes stock of last week's launch of the Concordat on Open Research Data, by four of the UK's leading research organisations, RCUK, HEFCE, Universities UK, and the Wellcome Trust. 

DCC staffers Angus Whyte and Martin Donnelly look at the wider context of the Concordat, which offers substantial new guidance on data policy directions that have been gathering pace for more than a decade.

Aligning the UK's leading role with international policy moves, for example by the European Union and G8/G7 Science Ministers, the briefing foresees an incremental shift towards funder monitoring of policy implementation, and rewards for institutions that invest in research data management.

Read the briefing here on the DCC website.


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