Job - consultancy lead at DCC

2 August, 2018 | in DCC News
By: Kevin Ashley

We've got a new job opening at the DCC following the departure of Martin Donnelly, our consultancy lead, to take up a post in Research Data Services in Edinburgh. We're looking for someone to join us who will take the lead in our programme of consultancy. This is a senior role and also offers wider opportunities to engage in other areas that we're active in.

We aim to get 20% - 30% of our annual income from consultancy activity. Historically this has been highly varied, from short reports that take up a few days time of one individual to extended programmes that utilise multiple members of staff over periods of a year or more. It involves organisations around the world and stretches well beyond academia. Keeping a steady stream of consultancy activity requires outreach and innovative thinking from the person who will take up this role. You will work with the DCC Director and other area leads to decide on opportunities to pursue, allocate staff to consultancy engagements and manage the overall progress of the programme.

Depending on your skills and interests you'll spend time on other areas of DCC activity as well. In recent months, these have included training  for universities and researchers in the UK, Japan, Malaysia, Norway and South Africa, and work for funders such as the ERC and Wellcome Trust and for UK national research facilities. We're also partners in European initiatives such as EOSCPilot, RDA Europe 4 and Openaire and run services such as DMPonline for customers around the world. There's also our annual conference, IDCC, and much more. We offer flexible working practices and a supportive working environment with a diverse and friendly team in Edinburgh and Glasgow. We encourage applications from all communities.

Applications close at 1700 UK time (UTC+1) on Tuesday August 28th. We expect interviews to be in the week commencing September 3rd, most likely on the 7th. To apply, you'll need to use the University of Edinburgh's online recruitment system. You will need existing experience in digital curation or research data management; consultancy experience is not necessary but is an advantage should you have it. For the right candidate, this is an ideal opportunity to broaden your knowledge and experience. We look forward to hearing from you.

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