How can the DCC help senior research managers?

We can help you track the emerging significance of data curation to shape your HEI’s policies and codes of practice for research, to engage your research communities and other stakeholders, and to help coordinate professional development and research assessments. DCC points you to relevant information on UK data policies to help you formulate guidelines for research integrity and responsible conduct in your institution. We condense funding body data policies and provide an overview of the curation roles and lifecycle of curation activities required to sustain compliance with these.

Faced with downward pressure on funding, it is more important than ever to safeguard research assets including the ‘intellectual capital’ in data. Ultimately the development of research data services and infrastructure is about safeguarding this. DCC roadshow events can help you identify synergies between developments in your own locale, in national JISC programmes and elsewhere. The ERIS project exemplifies a cross-institutional policy framework for data repositories in the context of a Scottish research pool.

To help you coordinate skills development in research data management we provide starter courses that can be tailored to your institution’s needs for career development or postgraduate training.

Maximising impact from research nowadays is partly about sharing all research assets more openly. Balancing that against IPR and other concerns requires guidance on how to licence data. We profile data sharing experiences in various fields in the open science case studies and also provide briefings on Freedom of Information (FOI) and other legal aspects of curation.

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