International Journal of Digital Curation, Volume 7, Issue 1

13 March, 2012 | in Publications
By: Alex Ball

The International Journal of Digital Curation, volume 7, issue 1 is now available. The fifteen papers published within once again cover a wide range of topics, from a review of the changing data policies of research funding bodies to an account of setting up an institutional data repository. File formats continue to present challenges: one paper describes a difficult experience with handling XML schemas, while others propose approaches for assessing the risks of format migration and choosing appropriate strategies. There are also proposals for better ways to write and test file format verification and identification tools.

The characteristics of data, and their place within the research ecosystem, are the concern of many of the papers. The provenance of data is a popular topic, though data-intensive research, data citation and the tension between social media and privacy are also discussed. The impact of Freedom of Information legislation on research is considered, alongside a proposal for transforming libraries to meet research data management challenges.

Volume 7 sees some small but significant changes to the journal itself. All papers are now assigned DOIs, and display more information to aid their use and citation.

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