I want to reuse other people's data - why is the model relevant to me?

It is in the interest of data users to be able to access high-quality data which can be proven to be authentic and have integrity.

The ways in which data can be accessed is dependent on good practice in curation — for example, retrieval and querying of data is affected by the how they have been described in the creation and preservation stages of the cycle.

Furthermore data use can produce new results, which themselves need to be curated, so data users become data creators and feed their research back into the cycle.

The DCC Curation Lifecycle Model supports data use and reuse by

  • Ensuring that steps are taken to make the data available in the first place.
  • Ensuring that data and their descriptions are in forms that are both accessible to and understandable by users.
  • Protecting data against unauthorised use by maintaining legal constraints or use rights from creation, through curation, to delivery.
  • Providing the means to assure users of data integrity and authenticity.