What would you recommend I say in my funding proposal about my strategy for data preservation?

Your strategy for data preservation should dwell on the issues of contemporary and long term information management, and incorporate evidence or testimony of appropriate and sustainable organisational, technological and resource allocation policy and infrastructure. 

Means of access are also intrinsic to data preservation, but as important as providing the appropriate systems to facilitate the discovery and retrieval of data is, it is even more important to have the means to ensure that these can be understood. This presupposes an understanding of the data's user communities and an assurance that the form of the information remains persistently comprehensible. 

A presentation by Warren Hilder entitled '60 years of data curating a life course study, the Medical Research Council National Survey of Health and Development (NSHD)' at our DCC/ERPANET workshop on the long-term curation and preservation of medical databases, outlines many of the important criteria that must be satisfied in order to confidently claim that you are preserving and curating data.