PREPARDE is funded by JISC in the Managing Research Data programme from July 2012 to June 2013.

PREPARDE (Peer REview for Publication & Accreditation of Research Data in the Earth Sciences) focuses on peer review of data journals, focusing initially on the geoscience domain and in particular the Geoscience Data Journal launched by Wiley in July 2012.

The main project objectives are:

•  To capture and manage the workflows required to operate the Geoscience Data Journal, from submission of a new data paper and dataset, through review and to publication.

•  To develop the procedures and policies (for authors, reviewers and editors) to allow the Geoscience Data Journal to accept data papers as submissions for publication. This will focus on guidelines for scientific reviewers who will review the datasets.

•  To incorporate some technical developments at the point of submission including data visualisation checks and interface improvements; to develop these to enhance the resulting data publications.

•  To put in place procedures needed for a system of data publication in the California Digital Library.

•  To interact with the wider scientific and data community in order to provide recommendations on accreditation requirements for data repositories.

•  To engage the user and stakeholder community to promote long-term sustainability and governance of data journals.

The project is led by University of Leicester and involves publishers Wiley and Faculty of 1000, along with California Digital Library and partners in the earth science domain the British Atmospheric Data Centre and the US National Centre for Atmospheric Research. DCC's role has been to support stakeholder engagement, particularly around the role of trusted repository standards.

We organised a workshop on this topic at the International Digital Curation Conference (IDCC13) in Amsterdam on Jan 17, 2013. A workshop report is available.

Issues arising have been addressed in the project's draft guidelines for journal editors on repository accreditation.

See also a presentation by Angus Whyte outlining the IDCC workshop results to the IASSIST 2013 conference, and a blog post on the session by Marieke Guy.