Collaborative Assessment of Research Data Infrastructure and Objectives (CARDIO)

The Collaborative Assessment of Research Data Infrastructure and Objectives (CARDIO) tool was developed through the JISC-funded Integrated Data Management Planning (IDMP) Toolkit and Support project.

CARDIO is a benchmarking tool for data management strategy development, typically applied at the departmental or research group level. The tool blends key aspects of the Cornell three-legged stool model, DAF, AIDA, DRAMBORA, and DMP and draws upon the legacy data within these tools to provide users with practical recommendations for improvement based on real-life examples.

CARDIO enables you to:

  • collaboratively assess data management requirements, activity, and capacity at your institution
  • build consensus between data creators, information managers and service providers
  • identify practical goals for improvement in data management provision and support;
  • identify operational inefficiencies and opportunities for cost saving;
  • make a compelling case to senior managers for investment in data management support

In light of the EPSRC requirement for data roadmaps, we developed a quick to use EPSRC version of CARDIO in 2013. This 2-page matrix allows you to benchmark yourself against the EPSRC requirements for compliance.​ It is also available to download in a Word doc version for editing.


Get involved!

If you'd like to test the CARDIO tool at your institution, please get in touch with us at We welcome your feedback and comments on the tool via

CARDIO does not aim to replace the individual toolkits – we firmly believe that each methodology and toolkit is valuable in its own right. CARDIO simply takes key aspects of these tools and repurposes their legacy data to make them more useful for this middle layer of strategic planning. Ultimately, CARDIO will help to ensure that there is greater understanding of researcher requirements and greater cohesion between institutional policies, departmental strategy, and actual research practice.  

CARDIO Questions and Supporting Text

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