The Engineering Research Information Management (ERIM) Project was part of the 'Data Management Planning in Research Council Funded Projects' strand of the JISC's Managing Research Data Programme. It represented EPSRC-funded projects within that strand. ERIM was a collaboration between the Innovative design and Manufacturing Research Centre (IdMRC) and UKOLN (working on behalf of the Digital Curation Centre), both at the University of Bath, and ran between October 2009 and March 2011.

The Project had several broad aims:

  • To specify in practical terms how effective data management may best be performed within the IdMRC's research projects and, by extension, similar projects undertaken elsewhere. ERIM looked primarily at the outputs of the KIM Project, alongside exemplar engineering studies in fields such as engineering metrology and constraint management. Both technical and social/legal issues were considered.
  • To explore the opportunities for and barriers to the re-use of engineering information, including the results of research conducted using highly sensitive industrial data and information.
  • To explore the opportunities and requirements for the re-use of research data sets. Of particular interest was the extent to which future re-users of the data would need to manipulate them. Metrics for determining the suitability of data for re-use were investigated.

Other key deliverables from the ERIM Project were a Terminology for Research Data Management and the Research Activity Information Development (RAID) modelling technique for mapping out the contextual relationships between data files in a data case.

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Peer-reviewed conference paper

  • Darlington, M., Howard, T., Ball, A., Culley, S., & McMahon, C. (2011, August). Data Management Planning in Engineering Design and Manufacturing Research. Paper presented at the 18th International Conference on Engineering Design, Technical University of Denmark.