ERIS (Enhancing Repository Infrastructure in Scotland) was a two year project funded by the JISC, running from April 2009 through March 2011.

The purpose of the ERIS project was to develop - in close partnership with researchers and their institutions' repository managers - a set of user-led and user-centric solutions that would motivate researchers to deposit their work in repositories. It also aimed to facilitate the integration of repositories in research and institutional processes and, as a result, develop a trusted cross-repository resource discovery service capable of providing access to a critical mass of Scottish research output.

In order to achieve this overall aim, ERIS paid particular attention to the requirements of research pooling - an innovative cross-institutional way of conducting research, which had been widely credited for having substantially contributed to Scotland's RAE 2008 successes.

The DCC was leading ERIS Work Package 2, building upon current DCC tools to produce a framework that would enable institutions to develop curation policy and data plans.

This framework was being tested in a series of case studies at four Scottish institutions during 2010. Subsequently, it was revised to reflect the outcome of those studies.