Data plan guidance and examples

Lots of guidance and examples are available to help with data plans.

A summary of some useful resources is provided below and practical guidance is available in the DCC guide:

How to develop a data management and sharing plan

Example DMPs

Data management plans from successful grant applications (2011-2014), National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)

Technical plan submitted to the AHRC
A DMP submitted by a researcher from the University of Bristol, also including comments from the reviewers

Two social science DMPs
Example plans from researchers at the University of Leeds, shared as part of the Leeds RoaDMaP training materials

Rural Economy & Land Use (RELU) programme examples
Two examples from a joint ESRC, BBSRC and NERC programme

Health sciences DMP
Example DMP produced by the DATUM for Health RDM training project

Psychology DMP
A very detailed, fictional psychology DMP produced by the DMTpsych RDM training project, based on a seminal psychology experiment

UCSD Example Data Management Plans
Over 20 example plans submitted to the National Science Foundation (NSF) in the United States by academics at UC San Diego

Colorado School of Mines examples
A variety of US example DMPs from Mines and elsewhere

NSF data management plans
5 DMPs submitted to the NSF, shared by the DataOne initiative

Biology and chemistry DMPs
Three example DMPs from the USA shared by NECDMC, an instructional tool for teaching RDM to undergraduates, graduate students, and researchers in the health sciences, sciences and engineering.

Writing a Wellcome Trust DMP
A guide by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) explaining how to write a DMP, illustrated by a worked example


ARL Resources for Data Management Planning 
Lists compiled by the US Association of Research Libraries covering data planning guidance webpages, data repositories and tools

ANU information literacy website -
Resources by the Australian National University, including a template plan, course slides and the very comprehensive data management manual 

EDUCAUSE ACTI Data Management Working Group (ACTI-DM) white paper, Developing an Institutional Research Data Management Plan Service

ESRC Data Management Plan: Guidance for Peer-Reviewers 
An explanation of what the ESRC is looking for in plans

Humboldt University Anleitung zur Erstellung eines Datenmanagementplans (DMP) in Horizon 2020
Instructions [in German] for creating a DMP in Horizon 2020 using DMPonline. The guide walks through the process of creating a DMP with the tool and notes the specific requirements in the Horizon 2020 open data pilot.

ICPSR Guidelines for effective data management plans
Suggestions of what elements to include in data mangement plans and a useful list of example plans and guidance resources

MIT Libraries data planning checklist
A short list of questions with links to useful clarifications and guidance

University of Wisconsin-Madison Data Plan Essentials
Guidance, example plans and a 1-page guide What's Your Data Plan?

VADS4R toolkit - Writing the AHRC Technical Plan
Online training module written for visual arts researchers

Wellcome Trust Developing a data management and sharing plan
An excellent FAQ from the Wellcome Trust outlining what its data plans should contain, and providing notes on how to answer the questions.