Digital curation resources from outside the DCC

A growing list of external resources for digital curators and data creators. If you'd like to add information on tools and resources that you have used or developed, please get in touch with us.

Includes white papers, how-to guides, proceedings, project reports, and directories; all providing pertinent information about digital curation and preservation.

Examples of promising work in the curation and informatics community.  Some are small groups’ efforts to address a problem they are currently facing, while others aim to produce materials that will aid the community at large.

Groups that sponsor efforts in the field or that serve as points of information.

Information about technical, organisational, and procedural standards used in digital curation and data preservation initiatives.


Organisations offering storage and preservation services for digital materials.  Many are associated with Higher Education Institutions, but others’ focus is on materials relating to a particular subject matter or discipline.

Links to descriptions of resources that have been superseded or that are no longer available, now primarily serving as a record of the field of digital curation and preservation.