Data Creators


European project with worldwide community, researching and implementing advanced open source software solutions for the sharing and exploitation of digital cultural resources. NOTE: To the best of our knowledge, this project is no longer active.  Please let us know if you have more current information!

A Techno-Legal Analysis Of Digital Preservation In India

Digital Preservation is neither a technical nor a legal issue. Rather it is a techno-legal mandate that requires domain specific techno-legal expertise. The technology as well as legal issues are involved almost with all the segments of the society. The scope of digital preservation is increasing and so is its importance. The resource abovementioned is one of the few techno-legal resources that are analysing digital preservation from a techno-legal perspective.


Proof-of-concept project to develop tools to support the new collaborative research infrastructure of the future.


European project on preservation towards storage and access: standardised practices for audio-visual content. NOTE: This project ended in 2008.  It was continued as the PrestoCentre project.

Variable Media Network

Proposes an unconventional new preservation strategy that has emerged from the Guggenheim’s efforts to preserve its worldrenowned collection of conceptual, minimalist and video art.

Field Helper

Field Helper is a desktop application that enables you to quickly view and categorise groups of related digital files and then submit the resulting package to a repository for long term preservation and access.


Fez is an open source project to produce and maintain a highly flexible web interface to FEDORA for any Library or Institution to configure and publish or archive documents of any type sustainably.

Online Research Collections Australia (ORCA) Registry

The ORCA Registry software provides for a registry of collection level (and associated service, party and activity) metadata that is based on the ISO 2146 draft standard. More information about ORCA can be found at the APSR web site. The ORCA Registry software consists of a PostgreSQL database that is managed/utilised by a PHP module housed within an instance of the COSI framework.

Repository Interoperability Framework (RIFF) Submission Service Source Code

The RIFF Submission Service provides a service-oriented framework to support the packaging and routing of content and metadata from a source application to a target repository.


Project to conceive, design and implement an industrial strength open provenance architecture for grid systems. NOTE: This project ended in 2006.