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Project to conceive, design and implement an industrial strength open provenance architecture for grid systems. NOTE: This project ended in 2006.

Automated Obsolescence Notification System (AONS) II

AONS (Automated Obsolescence Notification System) notifies repository managers about formats within digital resources in their repositories and alerts them to potential problems relevant to obsolescence and long term usage.

ICT Guides Website

The ICT Guides website is designed to help arts and humanities researchers find out more about the use of Information and Communications Technology in their work by showing them:


A European project bringing together National Libraries and Archives, leading research institutions, and technology companies to address the challenge of preserving access to digital cultural and scientific knowledge. NOTE: This project ended in May 2010, but is maintained by the Open Planets Foundation.

Sustainability of Digital Formats: Planning for Library of Congress Collections

Digital formats: a work in progress The Digital Formats Web site provides information about digital content formats. An initial offering is being compiled during 2004 and 2005, and the analyses and resources presented here will increase and be updated regularly.

Preservation Guide (for Audiovisual Media)

If you have audiovisual media, it needs maintenance - or you will lose it. This guide shows how to:conserve old formatsdigitise for transfer to new formatscreate digital file formatsuse digital restorationuse mass storageprovide electronic and web access Functionality:  Wiki Level of Expertise:  Introductory, but also has information of use to experienced professionals


OJAX provides a highly dynamic AJAX-based user interface to a federated search service for OAI-PMH compatible repository metadata. OJAX is simple, non-threatening but powerful.
Suitable for:

CRiB (Conversion and Recommendation of Digital Object Formats)

The CRiB is a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) designed to assist cultural heritage institutions in the implementation of migration-based preservation interventions. The CRiB system works by assessing the quality of distinct conversion applications or services to produce recommendations of optimal migration strategies. The recommendations produced by the system take into account the specific preservation requirements of each client institution.

RODA (Repositório de Objectos Digitais Autênticos)

The National Archive Institute of Portugal (IAN/TT) doesn't currently have the needed infrastructures to support the processes of ingestion and management of digital objects produced by the public administration (PA). The initiatives of the eGovernment establish the need to support its activity in information and communication technologies to improve the efficiency, productivity and quality of their public services. In this scenario it is clear that the number of digital objects produced by these institutions will grow, and that their legal value and authenticity should be assured.


A US–Canadian project, now ended, that worked on the longterm preservation of records created and/or maintained in digital form, with emphasis on authenticity.