Databib is a free, community-driven, annotated bibliography and catalogue of research data repositories. Users can search and browse for information about a data repository including its title, URL and maintainer; a description of the repository, its use and deposit policies; Library of Congress Subject Headings; and annotations from other users.

Databib was created to help answer questions such as the following:

  • Which repositories are appropriate for a researcher to submit his or her data to?
  • How do users find relevant data repositories and discover datasets that meet their needs?
  • How can librarians help patrons find and integrate datasets into research, learning, and teaching?
  • Where can funding agencies find data resulting from research that they sponsored?

A Board of Editors reviews and approves additions, edits, and annotations that can be submitted by any user of the system.

The content of Databib is made available in a wide variety of ways to facilitate integration of information about data repositories into other environments, including RSS, OpenSearch, Linked Data, RDF/XML, and integration with over 300 popular social network platforms such as Twitter, Google+, and Facebook. Databib content is made available to the public domain using the Creative Commons Zero protocol, and the project endorses the Principles of Open Bibliographic Data.

Last reviewed: 
11 July, 2012