DigiCULT draws on the results of the strategic study "Technological Landscapes for Tomorrows Cultural Economy - DigiCULT", that was initiated by the European Commission, DG Information Society (Unit D2: Cultural Heritage Applications) in 2000 and completed in 2001. This study covers several areas of interest, (national policies & initiatives, organisational change, exploitation, and ICT) and formulates a series of recommendations. In particular, it provides a roadmap of how cultural heritage technologies will or could develop in the near future (until 2006). Building on the knowledge and expertise of over 50 cultural heritage experts, DigiCULT will discuss and analyse current and future trends in several technology domains, that have been identified as key areas during the DigiCULT study. DigiCULT will also function as a stimulus for future R and D in/for the cultural heritage sector.

NOTE: This project ended in 2005.