Go-Geo is an online resource discovery tool which allows for the identification and retrieval of records describing the content, quality, condition and other characteristics of geospatial data that exist with UK tertiary education and beyond. The portal supports geospatial searching by interactive map, grid co-ordinates and place name, as well as the more traditional topic or keyword forms of searching. The portal is a key component of the UK academic Spatial Data Infrastructure.

Using an ANSI standard, Z39.50-1995, the portal undertakes simultaneous searching across many resources including the national, government funded, GIgateway service and its network of catalogue services. A key feature is the ability for users to find other related resources, such as books, photographs, projects, maps, for their geographic area of interest. These resources are discovered by cross searching the JISC Information Environment and other online information services. The focus of the portal is therefore on where a resource is located and less on what it is about, which is the focus of other JISC portals.

Last reviewed: 
23 February, 2012