INA - Institut National de l'Audiovisuel

The Institut National de l'Audiovisuel is a public organisation with an industrial and commercial role that was set up through the reform of the audiovisual sector conducted in 1974 and implemented on 6 January 1975. INA has the following main missions:

  1. Preservation of the national audiovisual heritage, by collecting audiovisual programmes, preserving and restoring the collections, offering up to date and efficient documentary services, and improving access to images and sounds within the Internet environment.
  2. Using this heritage to the full and making it more readily available, by developing the commercial operation of the collection, and valorising the archives for scientific, educational and cultural purposes.
  3. Keeping abreast of changes in the audiovisual sector through its research, production and training activities, by encouraging those in research and experimental activities to work together on heritage projects, fostering the innovative side to production in the creative and research fields, and guiding professional training towards the digital technologies.

Under legal deposit legislation, INA is responsible for deposits from the country's six national television channels (public and commercial) and five public radio channels. Under the French communications law, INA is also responsible for maintaining the archive for public radio and television. INA is making heavy use of digitisation for preservation and also taking more material in born-digital form. INA wants to extend its mission to the French Web and is developing a harvester with the École Nationale Supérieure.

Last reviewed: 
21 February, 2012