OJAX provides a highly dynamic AJAX-based user interface to a federated search service for OAI-PMH compatible repository metadata. OJAX is simple, non-threatening but powerful. It attempts to minimise upfront user investment and provide immediate dynamic feedback, thus encouraging experimentation and enabling enactive learning.
Features of OJAX
  • Auto-completion of search terms
  • Triggering of auto-searches
  • Dynamically scrollable search results - no more navigating between pages
  • Auto-expansion of search result details
  • Rapid sorting of results
System Requirements OJAX can be installed as a Web Application in any J2EE compliant servlet engine. It has been tested with Firefox and Internet Explorer. Two alternative packages are available:
  1. OJAX GUI, Web Services and Harvester
  2. OJAX GUI, Web Services, Harvester and example repository index
The second option is a larger download, but allows you to try out the software without having to harvest a repository.
Level of Expertise: 
Minimum expertise required to install.