OpenDOAR is a simple, web-based tool that guides repository administrators through the process of creating basic policies for the submission, re-use, and preservation of digital materials. These policy statements are not meant to be generated for legal purposes, but rather to encourage reuse of the deposited items. Using check boxes and pick lists, the tool provides recommended options for minimum compliance with the aims of the Open Access movement. 



Licensing and cost

Free – no licensing information available.

Development activity

The last updates on the Policies Tool's web page are from 2007; however, the the team that created it continue to run various services in this area.

The OpenDOAR project was funded through May 2011. No information about its current state is immediately available.

Platform and interoperability

As a browser-based service, the Policies Tool is platform agnostic. The tool builds EPrints compatibility into its output options.

Functional notes

The Policies Tool provides structure to create five types of policies:

  1. a Metadata Policy
  2. a Data Policy
  3. a Content Policy
  4. a Submission Policy
  5. a Preservation Policy.

The tool gives a number of output options, including HTML, plain text, and source code for EPrints configuration files.

Documentation and user support

No formal documentation for the tool exists, although the principles behind its creation are spelled out on the project site. The site also includes a contact form.


The tool is extremely simple and easy to use.

Expertise required

Users must have intimate knowledge of both the repository and its host organization, especially regarding Open Access policies.

Standards compliance

All elements of the OpenDOAR project are meant to promote an Open Access standard, complementing the OAI standard.

Influence and take-up

The Policies Tool has been used by many repositories to create their policies, see for example Nottingham ePrints.

Last reviewed: 
9 August, 2013