OSSWatch CDs

OSSWatch, the Jisc funded Open Source advisory service, have just released two new CDs to promote awareness of Open Souce software. The first is the Knoppix 4.02. Knoppix is a Linux LiveCD, which means that you put it in the CD-ROM drive of your PC, reboot, and you will have a usable Linux desktop environment that you can explore. The CD also contains running versions of the Moodle and Boddington VLEs. The second disk is TheOpenCD. TheOpenCD is a collection of open source software that runs on the Windows operating system. All of the programs are ready to install. They have been selected as being "best of breed", with the proviso that they each install and uninstall cleanly on Windows machines. If you would like a copy of either of these CDs, then let us know by e-mail and we will arrange to have them sent to you. Please forward this e-bulletin to any colleagues who might find it useful. Your comments or contributions are invited - contact jdp@kent.ac.uk or y.lau@kent.ac.uk.
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