PARADIGM Online Workbook

Between 2005 and 2007, the Paradigm project of the Bodleian Library and John Rylands University Library explored the issues involved in the long-term preservation of born-digital private papers in the context of hybrid archives - those that are composed of traditional and born-digital formats. The project accessioned sample archives from contemporary UK politicians and used these to gain practical experience of combining archival and digital curation workflows, standards, tools and technologies. An Online Workbook was created during the project and a print edition has recently been produced. The Workbook covers a wide range of issues relating to the acquisition, curation and long-term preservation of born-digital and hybrid personal archives. It contains chapters on: collection development; working with creators; appraisal and disposal; administrative and preservation metadata; arranging and cataloguing digital and hybrid archives; digital repositories; digital preservation strategies; and legal issues.

Last reviewed: 
28 February, 2012