RODA (Repositório de Objectos Digitais Autênticos)

The National Archive Institute of Portugal (IAN/TT) doesn't currently have the needed infrastructures to support the processes of ingestion and management of digital objects produced by the public administration (PA). The initiatives of the eGovernment establish the need to support its activity in information and communication technologies to improve the efficiency, productivity and quality of their public services. In this scenario it is clear that the number of digital objects produced by these institutions will grow, and that their legal value and authenticity should be assured. Furthermore, these digital objects will be the testimony of the activity of the public organizations, and will constitute the social and patrimonial memory of Portugal. Following this line of thought, the IAN/TT should undertake the endeavor of developing processes, tools and resources capable of answering the needs of public administration institutions in terms of preservation of the digital items that are being produced. The goal of this project is to provide technical solutions to digital preservation at the national level. To start with, a prototype is expected to be produced. This prototype will serve as a the basis for development of a fully functional solution capable of ingesting and managing digital objects.