Storage and Archive Management (SAM) Analysis Tools

The Storage and Archive Management (SAM) suite is comprised of three browser-based tools which aid in planning for audio-visual digitisation projects. First, a storage calculator allows the user to input the types and volume of media in their collection, as well as the desired output type, and then calculates how much bit storage will be necessary. Second, a cost calculator asks users to enter the types of media they hold, as well as an estimate of how much of the media is in a deteriorated state, and then based on an entered estimate calculates how much the digitisation project will cost. Third, a preservation calculator uses the cost estimate to create a month-by-month project plan.



Licensing and cost

No licensing information available; cost is free.

Development activity

Released in 2006.

PrestoSpace had its final meeting in 2008; there does not appear to be further development on the tools.

Platform and interoperability

The tools are browser-based and therefore platform agnostic; they are written in javascript and php.

Functional notes

The Storage Calculator has pre-set functions for a fixed number of media types, which do not include any audio media, and does not have the capacity to include user-entered media types.

The Cost Calculator requires the user to enter their own figures for cost estimates, and while there is a pre-set multiplier for the cost of damaged materials, this figure seems arbitrary and should be confirmed by the user.

The Preservation Calculator advertises the ability to save each project plan; however, this is exported as an xml file, which for most users will need to be migrated to a different format if the plan is to be re-visited over the course of the project.

Documentation and user support

Documentation exists in the form of deliverable reports for the Storage Calculator and the Preservation Calculator. No documentation is available for the Cost Calculator.


These tools are extremely simple and easy to use; the tools give step-by-step instructions for each input and variable.

Expertise required

Knowledge of A/V storage media, as well as knowledge of digitisation costs, is essential.

Standards compliance

The tools do not advertise any particular compliance.

Influence and take-up

No information available.

Last reviewed: 
13 June, 2013