Depositing and Ingesting Digital Objects

Resources to help data curators smoothly incorporate new content into a digital repository, from collection-building through data transfer and the accessioning process. 

Creating and Manipulating Metadata (7)
Enriching object descriptions and standardising records.
Data Transfer and Deposit (5)
Tools to standardise and simplify accessioning.
Metadata Extraction (4)
Enriching the archival record with embedded metadata.
Normalisation and Migration (4)
Transferring digital materials into preservation-friendly formats.
Web Archiving (6)
Gathering collections of web content.

A subscription-based web archiving service from the Internet Archive.


Archivematica is a digital preservation system that automates the process of preparing digital objects for ingest into a repository, ingesting them into archival storage and providing access to the archived material. The process is monitored and controlled through a Web-based dashboard that co-ordinates a suite of micro-services. It primarily relies on normalisation as its preservation technique.

CDL Web Archiving Service

The California Digital Library's Web Archiving Service allows libraries and insititutions to build archival collections of websites relevant to particular topics.

Colectica desktop applications

The Colectica platform includes a set of desktop applications for creating, viewing, and editing DDI metadata.

Curator's Workbench

The Curator’s Workbench is a tool that automates and streamlines the process of preparing collections of digital materials for submission to a repository.


DataUp is a tool that assists researchers in reviewing, documenting, sharing and archiving their tabular data, especially Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Duke Data Accessioner

The Duke Data Accessioner provides a graphical user interface to aid in migrating data from physical media to a dedicated file server.


FITS allows data curators to identify, validate, and extract technical metadata for the objects in their digital repository.


Heritrix is an open-source web crawler, allowing users to target websites they wish to include in a collection and to harvest an instance of each site.


ICA-AtoM allows organisations to create standards-based descriptions of their archival holdings and subsequently publish them to the World Wide Web.


JHOVE2 allows data curators to characterise the digital objects in their repositories using four methods: identifying formats, validating specifications, extracting metadata, and assessing acceptability. 

MIXED (Migration to Intermediate XML for Electronic Data)

MIXED (Migration to Intermediate XML for Electronic Data) is a web service that converts tabular data files such as spreadsheets and databases to the Standard Data Format for Preservation (SDFP), a supplier-independent XML format.


The Nesstar suite is an online publishing platform for organisations wishing to share datasets both internally and with the wider web.

Netarchive Suite

The Netarchive Suite is a web archiving software package designed to plan, schedule and run web harvests of parts of the Internet.

NLNZ Metadata Extraction Tool

The Metadata Extraction Tool automatically extracts a limited set of metadata from the headers of digital files.


OpenDataForge is a collection of tools for transforming data, with an emphasis on using open data formats and metadata standards.

PREMIS in METS Toolbox

The PREMIS in METS Toolbox is a browser-based application which supports the implementation of PREMIS in the METS container format.


RightField is an open-source tool for adding ontology term selection to Excel spreadsheets. RightField uses a 'Template Creator' to create semantically aware Excel spreadsheet templates. These Excel templates are then reused by scientists to collect and annotate their data, without any need to understand, or even be aware of, RightField or the ontologies used. The project’s slogan is “Semantic data annotation by stealth.”

The BagIt Library

The BagIt specification is a hierarchical file packaging format for the creation of standardised digital containers called 'bags,' which are used for storing and transferring digital content.

Web Curator Tool

The Web Curator Tool (WCT) is a workflow management application for selective web archiving. 


WebCite is an on-demand web archiving service that takes snapshots of Internet-accessible digital objects at the behest of users, storing the data on their own servers and assigning unique identifiers to those instances of the material.

Xena Software

Xena is a digital preservation tool that first identifies a digital object’s file format, and for certain formats then converts the object into an open format.