Managing and Administering Repositories

Tools and services that address a digital repository's organisational and financial health, used by data curators to assess the current status, to create strategies and plans for the future, and to document the policies and agreements that will ensure that they can be carried out. 

Administrative and Rights Documentation (4)
Tools to create policies, agreements and licenses.
Assessment and Audit (5)
Taking stock of a current program, defining where it wants to be.
Costing (3)
Calculating the cost of preservation.
Data Management Planning (2)
Help in meeting funder requirements for data management plans.
Preservation Planning (3)
Defining strategies to make sure content can be accessed in the future.

CARDIO is a benchmarking tool for data management strategy development, typically applied at the departmental or research group level.

Data Asset Framework

The Data Asset Framework (formerly the Data Audit Framework) provides organisations with the means to identify, locate, describe and assess how they are managing their research data assets.


DMP Online is a flexible web-based tool to assist users to create personalised data management plans according to their context or research funder.


DRAMBORA (Digital Repository Audit Method Based On Risk Assessment) originated as a paper-based methodology for helping repository managers to develop a documented understanding of the risks they face, expressed in terms of probability and potential impact.

Cost Model for Digital Preservation

The Cost Model for Digital Preservation is a tool that calculates the present and future costs of Ingest, Archival Storage, Administration, and Preservation Planning activities from the Open Archival Information System Reference Model.

Creative Commons Tools

The Creative Commons (CC) organisation has written a suite of licenses allowing copyright holders to specify the conditions under which others can copy or distribute their works, and to identify works that are in the public domain.


DMPTool is an online service to enable researchers to create data management plans now required by many funding agencies, and to receive tailored institutional guidance to help them in the process. The DMPTool provides data management plan templates for numerous U.S. funding agencies, giving step-by-step instruction and where possible alerting users to the services available at their own institutions.

Embedding Repositories Self-Assessment Tool

The Self-Assessment Tool is an online project-tracking structure that guides users through a series of questions designed to quantify the degree that a digital repository is ‘embedded’ within its institution.


iRODS software creates virtual collections, allowing the user to interact with their stored data without needing to keep track of, or even have ultimate control over, the storage and computing facilities hosting the information.

Keeping Research Data Safe (KRDS) Benefits Analysis Toolkit

The Keeping Research Data Safe (KRDS) Benefits Analysis Toolkit guides users through a process of identifying, assessing, and communicating the benefits from investing resources in the curation and long-term preservation of research data.


OpenDOAR is a simple, web-based tool that guides repository administrators through the process of creating basic policies for the submission, re-use, and preservation of digital materials.

Planets Testbed

Planets Testbed offers a controlled, measured, part-automated and reproducible environment for the testing and evaluation of third-party preservation tools, and a forum for the empirical comparison and analysis of experimental results across the sector.


Plato is a preservation-planning tool for organisations charged with safeguarding digital materials.

Records Management Capacity Assessment System (RMCAS)

RMCAS is an assessment tool for organisations wishing to map their current records management infrastructure against community best-practice.

Storage and Archive Management (SAM) Analysis Tools

The Storage and Archive Management (SAM) suite is comprised of three browser-based tools which aid in planning for audio-visual digitisation projects.

Tufts Submission-Agreement Builder Tool

The Tufts Submission-Agreement Builder Tool (SABT) is a web-based tool that guides records creators and records managers through the process of creating submission agreements, both for single transfers and for standing submissions.