Sharing Output and Tracking Impact

Tools and services that are evolving to help researchers discover new resources, make connections in their field, and track their work's impact beyond traditional citation metrics.

Academic Social Networking (4)
Making connections and sharing research.
Citation and Impact Tracking (5)
Exploring new metrics for calculating influence.

The DataCite Consortium provides a number of services to support efforts at increasing the ease and prevalence of data citation.

DataCite Metadata Search

The DataCite Metadata Search service aims to support efforts at increasing the ease and prevalence of data citation. By exposing and providing a search interface for metadata attached to datasets that are registered with the DataCite Metadata Store, the Search service allows researchers to find others’ data and to track their own data’s DOI and citations.


ImpactStory allows researchers and organisations to gather a wide range of impact metrics about multiple forms of scholarly output.


Mendeley is a combination web service and desktop application that allows users to create, manage, and share collections of references.


myExperiment is an online social networking service aimed at scientific researchers; the site fosters collaboration by allowing members to share scientific workflows, experiment plans, and other digital objects.


ReaderMeter is a web-based service that compiles readership information about scientific content to create an estimate of the content’s community impact.


ResearchGate is an online professional network for scientists and researchers, particularly employed by those wishing to follow and track the publication outputs of others in their field. In addition, researchers can create professional profiles, discuss their work in topic-specific forums, and share papers; the service also offers extensive conference and job listings.


RSpace is an electronic lab notebook (ELN) system, provided by Research Space. Its roots are in the eCAT electronic lab notebook, which was designed specifically for individual laboratories. RSpace’s functionalities go beyond this, from an ELN for solo researchers to a full, enterprise level offering for institutions.