CIM - Common Information Model

The Common Information Model (CIM) describes climate data, the models and software from which they derive, the geographic grids used to calculate and project them, and the experimental processes (typically simulations) that produced them.

The CIM was originally developed by the EU-funded Metafor Project. It is now maintained and developed by Earth Science Documentation (ES-DOC). The latest release dates from 2012.


CIM Tools

Tools for viewing and validating CIM metadata encoded in XML format.

PIMMS - Portable Infrastructure for the Metafor Metadata System

A methodology and toolset for documenting climatology simulation experiments using the Common Information Model(CIM).

Use Cases

CMIP5 Metadata Questionnaire

A service for submitting CMIP5 climate data to the Earth Science Grid in a form compliant with the Common Information Model (CIM).

Earth System Grid

A gateway providing a discovery service for climate data held at repositories across the globe. It supports use of the Common Information Model (CIM).