CSMD-CCLRC Core Scientific Metadata Model

A study-data oriented model, primarily in support of the ICAT data managment infrastructure software. The CSMD is designed to support data collected within a large-scale facility’s scientific workflow; however the model is also designed to be generic across scientific disciplines.

Sponsored by the Science and Technologies Facilities Council, the latest full specification available is v 4.0, from 2013.


TIDCC - Towards an International Data Commons for Crystallography

A profile of the CSMD model for Australian crystallographic data.



A metadata storage service that implements CSMD Version 2.5 to record information about physical science experiments.


A sister project of ICAT, consisting of a suite of CSMD-based software tools designed to support derived data management in the scientific research process.

Use Cases

CSMD Pilot Studies

A desk study of CSMD implementation in two facilities: the UK National Crystallography Service and the ISIS Neutron Source.

ICAT Implementations

The ICAT website's list of the facilities and organisations usingthe CSMD-based ICAT software.