List of Metadata Tools

  • AgriMetamaker

    A service to facilitate the publication of metadata in the AGRIS Repository; it conforms to the the AGRIS Application Profile, which draws from the Dublin Core and AgMES standards.

  • ANZ-MEST - Metadata Entry and Search Tool

    A GeoNetwork web application for metadata management and searching, with profiles available for two extensions of ISO 19115: ANZLIC and the Marine Community Profile.

  • AVM Adobe Metadata Panels

    A set of metadata panels that can be added to Adobe Creative Suite 4 applications to allow AVM-compliant metadata to be entered directly into images.

  • AVM Web Tool

    A web-based tool for assembling an AVM-compliant XMP packet for insertion into an image file.

  • Bio-Formats

    Bio-Formats reads proprietary microscopy image data and metadata, and converts them to OME-TIFF, a combination of TIFF and OME-XML.

  • CF Compliance Checker

    A utility that checks netCDF files for CF-compliance.

  • CIF2Cell

    A tool to generate the geometrical setup for various electronic structure codes from a CIF file.

  • CIM Tools

    Tools for viewing and validating CIM metadata encoded in XML format.

  • CKAN

    Tool which utilizes the DCAT standard. CKAN is a powerful data management system that makes data accessible – by providing tools to streamline publishing, sharing, finding and using data.

  • CMOR - Climate Model Output Rewriter

    A set of C-based functions, with bindings to both Python and FORTRAN 90, that can be used to produce CF-compliant netCDF files.