List of Metadata Tools

  • DDI Tools

    The Data Documentaion Initiative website's list of tools to implement the DDI standard.

  • DdiEditor

    DdiEditor is a DDI-Lifecycle Editing Framework developed by the DDA - Danish Data Archive.

  • Esri Geoportal Server

    Geoportal Server is a standards-based, open source product that enables discovery and use of geospatial resources including data and services.

  • FGDC/CDSGM Tools

    The FGDC website's list of tools to implement the CSDGM standard.

  • Fiji

    Fiji is an image processing package that supports the OME data model for images

  • FISH Interoperability Toolkit

    A suite of tools using the MIDAS Heritage metadata standard to facilitate the process of moving information between the wide variety of information systems used to record the historic environment.

  • FITS Image Software Packages

    Software packages that display or manipulate the relatively simple class of FITS data files that containing 2-dimensional images
  • GAVO DaCHS - Data Center Helper Suite

    The software that underlies the German Astrophysical Virtual Observatory (GAVO), packaged so that it can be used to set up other Virtual Observatory-compliant data centres.

  • Geodoc Metadata Editor

    The Geodoc metadata editor tool allows users to create, validate, edit and export geospatial metadata records.

  • geometa

    Geometa is an R package that offers facilities to handle reading and writing of geographic metadata defined with OGC/ISO 19115, 11119 and 19110 geographic information metadata standards, and encoded using the ISO 19139 XML standard. It also includes a facility to check the validity of ISO 19139 XML encoded metadata. The package can be used in integrated (meta)data management flows to generate business metadata compliant with ISO/OGC standards.