Policy and legal


We have a tabular overview of funders' data policies, and a précis of each major UK funder’s policy, stating requirement for data plans, expectations on data sharing and available support.

We also maintain a table listing UK institutional research data policies. Email us at info@dcc.ac.uk if your institution is missing, or our info is out of date.

Policy related publications:

EPSRC Roadmaps: A table listing examples of UK universities' roadmaps towards meeting EPSRC expectations on compliance with their Policy Framework on Research Data, with pointers to advice on preparing a roadmap.

Policy tools and guidanceAnnotated bibliography of

  1. Tools and guidance for creating policies
  2. Example policies
  3. Publications
  4. Data management guidance

Research data policy briefingBriefing to assist universities to create institutional RDM policies. Outlines funder requirements and approaches taken by universities.

Preservation policy templateTemplate to help repositories define preservation policies.

Data management plans and DMPonlineSummary of what funders ask for in plans and the DCC's tool to help.


UK Data Service web pages on Consent for Data Sharing - useful examples of consent forms for a variety of scenarios.  

Audiovisual citation: BUFVC Guidelines for Referencing Moving Image and Sound

How to License Research Data how-to guide

Creative Commons Licensing briefing paper

IPR in Databases briefing paper

Science Commons briefing paper

Sharing Medical Data briefing paper

Freedom of Information FAQ

Open Source FAQ

Derestricting Datasets: How to License Research Data, presentation by Alex Ball, DCC/UKOLN


Copyrightuser.org is an independent online resource aimed at making UK Copyright Law accessible to creators and members of the public. The goal is to provide answers to the most pressing concerns creators have about copyright, helping them understand their rights.

SHERPA/JULIET overview of funders' Open Access and Open Data policies.

JISC Legal's cloud computing and the law toolkit assists HEIs to navigate the legal issues associated with implementing cloud computing at their institutions. 

Open Attribute is a suite of tools which enables users to copy and paste the correct attribution for any CC licensed work. 

Freedom of information and research data: Questions and answers by Andrew Charlesworth and Chris Rusbridge for JISC.

Intellectual Property Office (IPO) guide for Intellectual Asset Management for Universities

Digital Opportunity: A Review of Intellectual Property and Growth an Independent Report by Professor Ian Hargreaves.

Response from JISC to the Independent Review of Intellectual Property and Growth.

JISC Legal offer guidance on legal issues that affect your data.

Web2Rights offers practical guidance on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and other legal issues toolkits.

The Australian National Data Service (ANDS) has also produced some useful guides on licensing data. Some of these are specific to the Australian context but many offer general tips and advice that will be of use more widely.


OER IPR Support – Good Practice in Rights Clearance & Licensing, Naomi Korn, Naomi Korn Copyright Consultancy

Understanding Licensing and IPR for OER Projects, Naomi Korn, Naomi Korn Copyright Consultancy