UK Institutional data policies

For many institutions, effective research data management requires formal policy for support and guidance. Some will take the view that existing policies on such matters as records management or library collecting policies are sufficient; others will amend such policies to specifically address research data; and others will create new policies to address the roles and responsibilities of institutions and the researchers who work with them.

The DCC is collecting examples of explicit policies on research data and examples of existing policies amended to encompass research data.

If you are looking to create your own policies, you are likely to find these examples useful. Only UK policies are listed here, and only for institutions which manage data themselves.

Policies from non-UK institutions appear in the policy guidance page. Those from funders are listed and compared elsewhere in the policy section.

Institution Policy name Date released

University of Edinburgh

Research Data Management Policy 16 May 2011
University of Northampton Research Data Policy June 2011
University of Hertfordshire

Data Management Policy

(see s.7 on research data and the appendix  'Guide to RDM')

1 Sept 2011
University of Warwick Research Data Management Policy 7 Nov 2011
Glyndwr University Policy on the Management of and Access to Research Data 20 December 2011
University of Southampton Research Data Management Policy February 2012
University of East London Research Data Management Policy for UEL 15 March 2012
Brunel University Research Data Management  Vision 20 March 2012
University of Essex Research Data Management Policy April 2012
Queen Mary, University of London Research Data Management Policy 7 June 2012
University of Sheffield Research Data Management Policy July 2012
University of Leeds Research Data Management Policy July 2012
University of Oxford Policy on the Management of Research Data and Records 9 July 2012
University of the Arts London Research Data Management policy October 2012
Goldsmiths University Research Data Management policy January 2013
University for the Creative Arts Research Governance February 2013
University of Exeter Open Access Research and Research Data Management Policy June 2013
University of Exeter Open Access Research and Research Data Management Policy for PGR Students June 2013
King's College London Policy on Research Data Management June 2013

Draft policies

University of Lincoln - via the Orbital project
Blog post with link to the draft policy text

University of Manchester - via the MiSS project
'Towards a Research Data Management Policy' document outlining progress in Spring 2012

University of Bristol - Research Data Mangament principles for consultation

University of Glasgow - draft Research Data policy - please follow link for 'Draft-RDM-policy'

University of Newcastle - Research Data Management Policy Principles & Code of Good Practice

Keele University - Draft Research Data Management Policy - see the dropdown marked 'Data Management & Sharing Policy'

Glasgow School of Art - Draft Research Data Management Policy (PDF)

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine - LSHTM Research Data Management Policy (Draft)

Get in touch if your institution has a data policy and we'll add the details. We need to know the name of your institution and a URL for the policy.

If you're planning to develop an institutional policy or strategy, attend a DCC regional roadshow to get an idea of how we can help you develop it, cost it or implement it. Or approach us directly; it's our job to help.
Notes and slides from the institutional policy and guidance for research data workshop run by the University of Oxford are also useful.