BBSRC - Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council

BBSRC has released a statement on access to published research.

An extensive Data Sharing Policy came into effect in April 2007 and was updated in June 2010.

A revised Data Sharing Policy was unveiled in March 2016. This is the current version.

The Statement on Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice acts as an overarching framework for these policies.


Time Limits

Publications should be deposited at the earliest opportunity.

Data should be made available in a timely and responsible manner. Timely release would otherwise be considered as no later than the release of main findings through publication, or three years as a general guide. Specific scientific areas have established best practice for release of data. 

Data should be maintained for 10 years after project completion.

Data Plan

Researchers are required to submit a data sharing plan.

The data sharing plan may include details of: data areas and types; standards and metadata; relationship to other data; secondary use; methods for data sharing; restrictions on sharing; timeframes for release, and the format of the data.

Guidance on what to include is available on p7 of the Data Sharing Policy.

Access/Data Sharing

Researchers are required to deposit publications in UK PubMed Central.

The BBSRC encourages data sharing in all research areas where there is strong scientific need and where it is cost effective. 

Long-term Curation

Researchers are expected to create material in suitably accessible formats using established standards. 

Data should be kept securely for ten years after the end of a project through research institutions.


Adherence to the proposed data management and sharing plan will be monitored through the final report assessment procedure and may be taken into account when assessing future proposals.



An FAQ on BBSRC's data policy is available and enquiries can be directed to  

The BBSRC will provide guidance on existing standards, guidelines, databases and relevant resources.


The BBSRC supports UK PubMed Central.

Data Centre

The BBSRC does not run its own data centre but provides examples of existing databases and public repositories that it supports in the data policy.


Where journals charge authors a fee for publishing open access articles, this should be identified as a cost via the fEC payment on a BBSRC grant. The Grants Guide provides guidance on open access charges.

The BBSRC recognises that data sharing has time and cost implications. Where justifiable, funding to support the management and sharing of research data (for example staffing, physical resources such as storage and networking capability) can be requested as part of the full economic cost of a research project.