EPSRC - Engineering and Physical Sciences

The EPSRC mandated open-access publication in 2009.

A policy framework on research data was released in May 2011.


Time Limits

The EPSRC expects research organisations to publish appropriately structured metadata online describing the research data they hold, normally within 12 months of the data being generated.

In line with the RCUK Common Principles, it is expected that data will be made available in a timely and responsible manner.

The EPSRC expects data to be maintained securely for 10+ years.

Data Plan

The EPSRC does not require researchers to submit data management or sharing plans in grant applications. However, it does expect policies and plans to be in place.

Research organisations in receipt of EPSRC funding are expected to have a roadmap in place by May 2012 for comlpiance with the EPSRC policy framework on research data by May 2015.

Access/Data Sharing

Researchers are expected to make publications freely available. The EPSRC also requires that published research papers include a short statement describing how and on what terms any supporting research data may be accessed.

Research organisations are expected to publish metadata on the research data they hold, including details of restricted data, outlining the reasons for this and conditions of access. Digital research data should be assigned robust digital object identifiers.

Long-term Curation

Research organisations are expected to ensure effective data curation is provided throughout the full data lifecycle. The full range of responsibilities should be clearly allocated.

Research organisations must ensure that data is securely preserved for a minimum of 10 years from the end of any researcher ‘privileged access’ or, if others have accessed the data, from last date on which access to the data was requested by a third party.


The EPSRC will monitor progress and compliance on a case by case basis. If it appears that proper sharing of research data is being obstructed, it reserves the right to impose appropriate sanctions.



In its data policy, the EPSRC directs researchers to the JISC, DCC and Information Commissioner's Office for support.


The EPSRC does not provide a publications repository. Researchers are expected to utilise the institutional or subject-based repositories available to them.

Data Centre

The EPSRC does not run a a data centre. Research organisations are expected to securely preserve data.


Publication fees are an eligible cost on EPSRC research grants.

The EPSRC believes that it is reasonable and appropriate to use public funds to support the associated data management costs. It therefore expects research organisations to make provision from within public research funding received, making use of both direct and indirect funding streams as appropriate.