Tools and applications

If you find yourself increasingly bewildered about digital curation tools, you are not alone. Most studies that explore currently available tools leave many questions unanswered, causing data custodians across the country to be unsure of which tools to apply.

As the UK’s leading centre of expertise in digital data curation, the DCC is committed to alleviating this confusion. We can provide you with the best advice about digital curation tools – not only how to use them, but also how they relate to one another and how their costs and benefits stack up.

DCC tools

Since our inception in 2004, the DCC has developed a suite of tools to help UK HEI researchers and research support staff to better understand their particular data management and curation needs, assess current activity and infrastructure, and to plan for improvement. 

Our tools inlcude:

Have a look at our catalogue of digital curation tools and services for information on externally developed tools and resources.

We'd also recommend consulting Jisc's infonet toolkits. Each infoKit contains a wealth of 'self-help' material and covers topics such as data visualisation, cloud computing, managing research information, evaluating digital services, and developing digital literacies.  

If you'd like to add information on data management and curation tools and resources that you have developed, please get in touch with us. We'd also be interested in hearing from you about your own experiences in making use of DCC or any other data management and curation tools.