Tailored support

The DCC provides tailored support to help institutions address Research Data Management.

We can help you to define and implement your RDM strategy. This may involve the development of new services, advocacy and awareness raising programmes, or suport to customise tools, guidance and training.

Click on the links below or the left-hand menu to read about the kinds of support we can provide, or download our DCC Consultancy Services flier.

Advocacy | Requirements | Policy & strategy | Business case | DMP | Guidance | Training | Data discovery

For each activity, we can vary the level of support depending on your needs. We can undertake work on your behalf, or simply provide support and feedback to validate your plans. Please don’t feel restricted by the themes suggested here – we’re happy to help you however you need.

The support we provide is based on lessons from a series of in-depth institutional engagements. This programme was such a success that we want to offer similar support to a broader range of universities.

Please contact us so we can discuss how we can help you.