Guidance and support

Guidance webpages

Researchers are often unaware of the support available withing the institution, so raising awareness is useful. Many institutions have provided RDM guidance webpages. We can help you to create something similar.

Guidance documents

The DCC provides a number of guidance documents. See in particular the short, practical How to guides. We can provide you with hard copies of these, and licence our content as CC-BY to encourage reuse.

We can also develop guidance documents to meet your purposes. The Open University asked us to produce a FAQ on Data Management Plans and Queen Mary, University of London asked for a Quick Guide on DMPonline. What do you need?

RDM support

We can help you to develop support more generally, such as helpdesks and RDM consultancy services. We can also put you in touch with other institutions undertaking similar work to help you connect with peers.