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DCC engagement work

The University of East London was in the early stages of addressing RDM when we began our engagement. A case had been made for investment in this area and they had recently recruited a Research Services Librarian who was given the remit to improve Research Data Management.

We began by helping UEL to develop a research data policy and roadmap in response to the EPSRC requirements. We co-developed a survey to understand researchers’ needs, and collaborated on a grant application to Jisc under the training strand of the Managing Research Data programme.

The focus of DCC support has been on RDM training for researchers, PhD students and library staff. We’ve run workshops for PhD students and contributed to the SupportDM course for librarians developed on the TraD project.

In an initial planning meeting for the TraD project we devised a structure and format for SupportDM, agreed themes for each module and outlined content to include. The DCC developed session 3 on Data Management Planning and the final sessions on Data Sharing and Cataloguing.


As a result of our support:

  • A Research Data Management policy was developed and accepted by all relevant stakeholders
  • A policy briefing written to help in the development of an RDM policy at UEL is available for reuse
  • RDM Roadmap development allowed the university to meet EPSRC funding requirements
  • The university gained insight into researcher requirements via an RDM survey which has assisted in the development of support services
  • A successful funding proposal for training development was produced for the TraD project
  • A series of online RDM training modules were developed for research support staff [SupportDM]
  • Librarians are aware of RDM and equipped to respond to support requests. Their feedback on whether they feel RDM Ready is available on the TraD blog.
  • Over 30 early career researchers and PhDs students were trained in the Managing your Research Data workshops. Slides are freely available for reuse
  • Researchers have an increased awareness of RDM, as noted in feedback from the training events
  • The university is now in a position to run future training without external support

Main contacts

Gurdish Sandhu, Associate Director of the Library,University of East London

Stephen Grace, Research Services Librarian, University of East London

John Murtagh, Project Officer, University of East London

Sarah Jones, Senior Institutional Support Officer, DCC

Monica Duke, Institutional Support Officer, DCC

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