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Existing RDM work

The University of Northampton had undertaken lots of RDM work prior to the DCC engagement.

In 2010 they completed a Data Audit Framework survey to identify researchers’ needs. Based on a recommendation from this work they released a Research Data Policy in June 2011. They also produced the first institutional customisation of DMPonline a part of the procedure for implementing their RDM policy.

Miggie Pickton, Research Support Librarian, has given numerous presentations on their RDM initiatives.

DCC engagement work

The focus of the DCC engagement was on advocacy and training to upskill researchers and librarians. We held a number of events as noted below:

Each event was advertised and reported on the university’s Research Support Hub, ensuring researchers were kept up to date with the work. The materials from these events are freely available for reuse.

In addition, we co-presented a paper at the IFLA annual conference on Leading from the library: RDM at the University of Northampton in Helsinki in August 2012, spoke at the IRMS HE/FE Information and Records Management and Information Compliance Group meeting at Sheffield Hallam University in June 2012, and collaborated on an RDM panel for the IRMS anniversary conference in Brighton in May 2013.

The DCC also advised on RDM storage options, considering the approaches being taken at a number of UK universities. The University of Northampton is currently trialling TUNDRA2, it’s open content management system, for research data.


As a result of our support:

  • Researchers are more aware of good practice in RDM and are able to access a range of support materials
  • Further training courses are being run, reusing DCC materials and based on the expertise shared
  • Liaison librarians feel better equipped to respond to and redirect data management related enquiries
  • The University has a roadmap for RDM and the DCC has helped to make the case for ongoing support
  • There is greater public awareness of RDM work at Northampton based on our joint papers and presentations
  • A new Research Data Working Group has been established at the University

Main contacts

Miggie Pickton, Research Support Librarian, University of Northampton

Phil Oakman, Records Manager, University of Northampton

Sarah Jones, Senior Institutional Support Officer, DCC

Marieke Guy, Institutional Support Officer, DCC

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