The DCC is a well-established training provider on Research Data Management and Curation. We can provide training for researchers and/or support staff. We provide materials tailored towards librarians, research administrators and various research disciplines.

We can develop and deliver training courses on your behalf. We tend to run half-day or full days sessions. The courses are usually a mix of presentations and breakout group exercises, but we tailored the format and content to suit.

Alternatively we can help you to programme training to run yourself. A short brainstorming meeting can identify the target group, learning outcomes and topics you wish to cover. We can then suggest ways to structure and format the course(s), as well as pointing you to freely-available content to include.

We can also support one-to-one consultancy sessions with researchers, for example to assist with data management planning queries. ‘Data clinics’ can be scheduled to coincide with training courses.

More information is available on our training pages.

Particular resources that may be of use are: