Digital curation training for all

Our training programme aims to equip researchers and data custodians with the skills they need to share and preserve data effectively. Ultimately, tools and approaches will evolve over time, but if all stakeholders understand the bigger picture they will be in a better position to make critical decisions that best reflect their individual needs.
With this in mind, DCC training courses make use of the curation lifecycle model as a means of contextualizing the range and nature of roles and activities required to maintain access to data over time. The DCC also encourages the transfer of knowledge and best practice among data custodians, producers and users. In this way, you will be able to share your skills and the responsibility for data curation with others on your research team. 
We've developed a range or training courses that meet a variety of training needs - from the absolute beginner to the more experienced data curator.

Request a DCC training session at your institution!

The DCC provides half-day training sessions for both researchers and research support staff. You provide the venue and the participants, we provide the trainers and the materials. To arrange a session, please get in touch.


Digital Curation 101

Our half-day workshops provide an introduction to research data management and curation, the range of activities and roles that should be considered when planning and implementing new projects, and an overview of tools that can assist with curation activities.

Tools of the Trade

Our half-day, hands-on courses for data curation practitioners focus on making use of popular curation tools such as DMPonline, CARDIO, DRAMBORA and DAF. 

Train the Trainer

In an effort to build capacity and to improve the sustainability of current and emerging curation training materials, the DCC seeks to engage in ‘Train the Trainer’ activity with other training providers. If you want to work with us, please get in touch.