Training costs

DCC training is provided on a cost recovery basis. We ask for reimbursement for our time, as well as travel and subsistence costs. Further details for UK and international courses are provided below.

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Training in the UK

Our starting rates for UK training sessions are as follows. These rates include the cost of staff time, travel and subsistence.

Please note that the quoted cost may be higher depending on your requirements and the amount of staff time required to prepare your course. Requests for highly specific content, which will require more than the average preparation time will be quoted at a higher rate.

Training is exempt from VAT.

  • £1460 for a half-day session with one trainer
  • £2340 for a half-day session with two trainers
  • £3180 for a full day which covers two trainers

Please note that we will advise you as to whether one or two trainers will be required for a half-day session; this will be dependent on your requirements. Full day training sessions and also hands-on DMPonline training are only available with two trainers.

To enquire about training within the UK, please fill in our form.

International Training

The DCC has regularly delivered workshops abroad over the last several years. We are happy to provide training in your country on an individual cost recovery basis.

Quoted costs will be based on the following at a standard rate of £500 per day:

  • Number of days out of the office required per trainer;
  • Number of days preparatory time required to develop training material;
  • Estimated amount of liaison time.

In addition to:

  • Estimated travel costs

Over and above the quoted cost you will pay:

  • A subsistence fee of £45 per trainer, per day out of the office;
  • Incidental airport transfer costs.

To enquire about training overseas, please fill in our form.

Training via the Web

If face-to-face training isn't the best fit for your requirements and budget, we can also offer training via webinar and tailor the sessions to meet your requirements.

Prices start from £840 for a half-day session, however, the cost may be higher depending on your requirements and the amount of staff time required to prepare your course. Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements further.


All costs are exempt from VAT, however, in-country taxes may apply over and above these costs.

To enquire about international training, please fill in our form.

If you have any general enquiries, email the helpdesk or ring +44 (0) 131 651 1239 if you’d rather have a chat.