Preservation action

Modules on applying documentation and metadata to research data

Key resources are:

Resource Description Project Discipline Jorum link

Documentation and metadata

[Online learning unit]

Reasons for documentation, metadata types. Includes quiz and case study in Geosciences. MANTRA


Clinical Psychology

Social Sciences

Research Data MANTRA online course

Problems and practical strategies and solutions

[PPT slides, notes for tutors, handouts]

Problems and solutions for managing research data, legal issues, storage and security, file structures and names and metadata. Includes practical exercises on strategies for data anonymisation and data sharing and on file management. DATUM for Health Health Sciences DATUM for Health: Research data management training for health studies

Managing art as research data

[Online learning unit]

Selection, file formats, metadata, long-term preservation. Includes case study of using metadata. CAiRO Creative and performing arts Managing Creative Arts Research Data post graduate module

Advanced data management

[PPT slides, course notes, reading list]

Documenting paper and digital archives, techniques and software, sharing data and ethical and legal issues for social anthropology, legislation. DataTrain Social Anthropology DataTrain: research data management training modules in Social Anthropology