Developing Research Data Management Services

"IDCC16 Workshop"

22 February 2016
Matterhorn 3, Movenpick Hotel, Amsterdam


The session is aimed at librarians, researchers, administrators and technology support professionals who need to develop and advance their organisation’s support for research data management. Participants will gain practical knowledge about how to scope, implement, refine and sustain their RDM services along with pointers to useful free tools and resources. 

Throughout the day, participants will work in groups to incrementally develop a Business Model Canvas (BMC) for a selected RDM service. The BMC offers a simple template for developing a new business model or refining an existing model. Different sections of the template focus on your organisation as seen from the customer perspective, the activity perspective, the financial perspective, and the value proposition that you seek to deliver. Being able to view these different perspectives in a single place is a key strength of this approach to business modelling.

During the exercises, participants will work in their groups to flesh out a BMC for one specific RDM services as illustrated in the DCC’s RDM service model. By focussing attention on one service area, the groups will be able to explore a particular service in detail. While you will only focus on one particular service during the day, the lessons learned can then be applied to any/all of your institution’s RDM services. By working collaboratively to develop the BMC, participants will have an opportunity to share their experiences across different stages of designing and delivering services  as well as from different national and institutional contexts. 


10:00- 10:10      

Welcome and introduction


Scoping and refining requirements


RDM  services – getting the balance right


BMC exercise: Defining your value proposition and identifying customers


Coffee Break


BMC exercise: Identifying institutional resources and external partnerships


Lunch (provided)


Rolling out services - good practice and implementation challenges


BMC exercise: Considering communication channels


Making the case for RDM – from pilots to sustainable services


Coffee break


BMC exercise: Identifying service related costs and revenue streams


Wrap up and close


Completed Business Model Canvasses (BMCs) resulting from group work

Costs and Registration

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